VORNE hardware is a brand that has gained in recent years an important place in the market in Romania.

VORNE high quality fittings, offers great comfort in use, flawless operation and long life.
Hardware VORNE is guaranteed for a minimum of 15,000 cycles of operation on / off, it offers the possibility of fine-tuning the operation of windows, has many adjustment possibilities dimensional and multipoint locking ensures a high level of security and has a very good distribution of sealing force.

FERONERIA VORNE, available in different shapes and colors, allowing all kinds of openings: sliding, casement, tilt, etc.
Tilt-turn VORNE
Hardware swing VORNE
Tilt-turn in an arc
Tilt-turn fittings for windows trapezoidal

Features and benefits:
More flexibility.
More security
Choice of locking plates for a higher level of security.
All locking points are provided with steel mushroom pins. .
More quality
Corrosion protection
The stylish models hinges.
Competent technical advice