Shutters is superior protection against heat, cold, noise and protection against burglary.
The exterior blinds are the most practical way to secure residential and commercial buildings. In addition, the coils can be installed on any window or door existence.
The exterior blinds all the advantages of blinds, but also ensure a greater resistance against all types of conditions meteriologice and provides more effective protection against unwanted intruders and thieves, if you are not home.
Made of aluminum or PVC exterior shutters can be raised or lowered either manually or electronically.
The exterior blinds are the modern solution to provide home Talk to your lifestyle that you want convenience with security and privacy you need.
· Up to 90% cooler in summer
· Up to 70% warmer in winter
· Reducing energy costs
· Protection against intruders throughout the year, outside noise, wind, debris etc.
· Stopping penetration of UV rays, which can damage the interior furniture (optimal sun protection)
· Protection from weather
· Provides total privacy and light control
· These can be operated with string or tape, crank or electric
· Can run different sizes and colors depending on the windows of your house